Pacific Charters

The exotic South Pacific is a world away for most, but it’s yours to explore once you board a charter yacht. Floating in these waters brings forth distant images of Captain Cook as well as modern views of the Sydney Opera House. Your fantasy becomes reality with the help of our experienced staff who will guide you towards the perfect yacht, perfect itinerary, and perfect vacation.

What is the best part of chartering in the South Pacific? Perhaps it’s the awe-inspiring expanse of water. Or the delightfully bright islands sprinkled throughout. It is also fantastically freeing to abandon the popular path and go where the crowd doesn’t follow. This is life in the South Pacific! It’s visually serene and naturally exciting. With our expansive inventory of sailing and motor yachts, we’ll undoubtedly be able to arrange a wonderfully memorable charter.

The best times to visit French Polynesia fall between May and October. Tahiti and French Polynesia cover an area the size of Europe so there’s no shortage of territory to explore. Visit the Tuamotus Atoll chain for its white and pink sand beaches. Check out the cultural scene on Raivavae, which presents authenticity in the middle of Bora Bora-esque charms. Go diving in Rangiroa‘s coral atoll amidst sharks and dolphins. Get up close to South Pacific archaeological history on the Marquesas Islands where tikis (sacred statues) abound. Picnic on Taputapuatea‘s restored meeting grounds.

Tahiti and French Polynesia embody the spirit of the South Pacific with their hip shaking fast dances, earth-oven feasts, and terrifically bright, varied landscapes. Everything is better in living color! You need to see it for yourself.

Each island chain should be considered a single charter destination. Thinking of a longer vacation to really explore French Polynesia? Then charter for a month or more to be fully immersed in this part of the world. You can hike without being surrounded by throngs of tourists, catch fish without being disturbed by passing party cruisers, or dive without running into another human being. The South Pacific is surely one of the last treasures of this world.

The Marquesas Islands

Lying 750 miles northeast of Tahiti, these islands are wonderful for a 7-10 day yacht charter. All of the islands are within a 3-5 hour cruise from one another on your charter motor yacht, and include some of the world’s most spectacular fishing and dive sites. In addition to the exotic yacht charter locale, the Marquesas Islands boast friendly and warm-hearted local people. Island guests are encouraged to discover their unique shops, often filled with beautiful, well-crafted wood and bone carvings.

A wide range of land based activities are available; from hiking through ancient Polynesian ruins, to visiting waterfalls up to 1,000 feet high on the main island of Nuku Hiva. Further south, on the island of Ua Pou, lie the most striking geological formations on the planet; undoubtedly the guests will be amazed. A trip to the famed artist, Paul Gauguin’s grave on Hiva Oa is also a popular attraction.

The Tuamotu Islands

These islands, which are 250 miles northeast of Tahiti, are a group of large atolls that are full of marine life. Hiking is not the focus hereÂ…Your Yacht charter will be all about fishing and SCUBA diving. You could have a one week charter here, but we recommend two weeks to be able to really experience everything. Private jets can land on the islands of Rangiroa and Fakarava. We highly recommend starting on Fakarava or Makemo and cruising down wind the whole charter. This is on the list of the great diving areas of the world. Fakarava has a north pass and a south pass for diving and some charter yachts can cruise inside the atoll to reach the southern pass, which has fabulous beaches. Before you finish your charter, a must is a visit to one of the local pearl farms; it’s a fantastic way to learn about the delicate production process and to purchase inexpensively some of the world’s best pearls. Go to the Tuamotu Islands and be changed forever!


The beautiful islands of Fiji are 1,900 miles from Tahiti and 1,400 miles from Brisbane, Australia. The 300 Fijian Islands are spread out over 250 miles of ocean Seeing them all would mean a significant time commitment so a one week charter will require you to choose a specific area to cruise. You will collaborate with the charter captain to ensure that you see all of your points of interest along the way.

Fiji is the South Pacific’s biggest hub. Savusavu is its most popular yacht anchorage and also a good starting point from which to check out Indo-Fijian culture, including fire-dancing and Hindu temples. Visit Fiji from June to September and plan to take advantage of the terrific snorkeling and diving. Bring your logbook and expect to make several entries!